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Day 38

By elissam

We spent the morning going over the preliminary project report that one of the government engineers had made earlier this year and finding the President of the University in Chachapoyas to sign the agreement from yesterday. Now that we have all of the signatures, we are officially collaborating on the filtration project with the government and university, and we are going to be receiving funding from the regional government. We had agreed earlier in the year that the regional government would fund 80% of the project if we collaborated on it with them. Now we have their approval to start the project, and will need to present all of our designs to the government to ensure their continued approval, but much of the project is funded and the filters will be built much more quickly.  We will also be working with the engineer who wrote up the preliminary report to revise his report, which did not originally include filters- just a new piping system, and design the new system. 

When we returned to the hotel, we found out that our flights back to Lima from Mendoza had been cancelled. We spent the rest of the afternoon arranging for someone to pick Charlie and Richard up in Chirimoto and drive them to Chachapoyas this evening so that we can catch a bus overnight to Lima, and hopefully arrive in time to catch our flights back to the states. We went to Movil Tours and bought bus tickets on two separate busses that would be leaving from the neighbring town of Pedro Ruiz- there were not 5 seats open on any one bus. Richard and Charlie arrived around 8:30 this evening, and we drove to Pedro Ruiz  to catch the bus to Lima.