An annotated bibliography of sources on the topic of:

Marriage Equality

compiled and annotated by Yanni Metaxas
for the course CAS CC 204: Religion and Secularism in Spring 2015

“A Primer on Same-Sex Marriage, Civil Unions, Domestic Partnerships, and Defense of Marriage Acts.” Information Please Database, 2007 Pearson Education, Inc.

Highlights the definitions and differences (in benefits) between marriages, unions, and partnerships in the United States. Includes legislations passed by the state.

Goody, Jack. The Development of the Family and Marriage in Europe. Cambridge Cambridgeshire; New York: Cambridge UP, 1983. Print.

Recognizes a union between two people as the foundation of a family—uses this to discuss the implications of marriage. Talks about the development of modern- day marriage in Europe. Problematic because it generalizes Europe and also gives me the need to talk about other continents as well. It is also an old text yet is insightful.

Hsu, Kenneth K. “Why The Politics of Marriage Matter: Evaluating Legal and Strategic Approaches on Both Sides of the Debate on Same-Sex Marriage.” In BYU Journal of Public Law, Vol. 20(2). Winter 2006. 275-312. HeinOnline.

Discusses the politics more so than the foundations of laws. Problematic because it has a narrow focus: the issue of same-sex marriage, only, and why laws should be different because of this.

Kohut, Andrew, and Scott Keeter. “Results from the 2009 Annual Religion and Public Life Survey: Support for Same-Sex Marriages v. civil Unions.” 9 Oct. 2009. Raw data. “America,” n.p.

Supports theory that as soon as the word “marriage” is taken out of the equation, people are a lot more forgiving and accepting of the union. Problematic because there are no specifics mentioned (number of people polled and location of people polled.) Also problematic because the data themselves do not prove why more people are in favor of civil unions over marriage (assumptions have to be made.)

Levinson, David. Encyclopedia of Marriage and the Family. Vol. 1 & 2. New York: Macmillan Library Reference, 1995. Print.

Rich encyclopedia with a plethora of articles on marriage and its effects on/outcomes of the family. Does not focus on social and legal issues of the contractual component of marriage, yet can provide a basis of research to argue one case over another.

Probert, Rebecca. “Common Law Marriage: A Legal Institution for Cohabitation by Goran Lind” Book Review. In Family Law Quarterly, Vol. 43. 587-597. Spring 2009. HeinOnline.

Discusses the origins of legal marriage and suggests that America’s system is rooted in ancient Roman law and is not its own innovation. Quite obviously, this is a book review so it is one author’s take on another author’s stance and is also quite sparse and abbreviated because of this.

West, Robin. Marriage, Sexuality and Gender. Boulder, CO: Paradigm, 2007. Print.

Compares and contrasts a 19th century patriarchal marriage with a 20th century traditional marriage. Argues against the constitutionality of civil marriage and branches off into same-sex marriage and other issues of equality.

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