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The Boston University Women’s Water Polo Club is a fun and dedicated group of girls that come from all sports backgrounds to play water polo together and compete around New England.

Fall Season

Our fall season is our “pre-season,” we practice 4 times/week, for a total of about 5 hours per week during the fall semester. We expect a high level of commitment and attendance during the fall, which will be communicated with players during their first practice. We host and attend scrimmages throughout the fall semester.

Spring Season

When we return from Winter Break, our championship season begins. During the championship season/spring semester, we practice 4 times/week, for a total of about 8 hours of practice per week.

We participate in multiple regular season tournaments that include all of the teams in our division throughout the semester. Our third and final tournament of the season is our Divisional Championships. The team that wins this tournament has the opportunity to travel to Club Nationals and to compete against 15 other teams from across the country. During the 2013, 2015, and 2023 season we attended nationals and we are hoping to earn another slot to nationals during the 2024 season.


Do you have to know how to play water polo before joining?

It is not necessary! We have players of all abilities on the team, from players who have never played before to players who have been playing for years!

What are the requirements to join the team?

According to Boston University Club Sports Guidelines in order to participate in club sports students must be enrolled at Boston University, either as an undergraduate or graduate student, full-time.

Does BU have a varsity team?

BU does not have a varsity water polo team. Club is the only level offered at BU, but we are very competitive, having earned a slot to Club Nationals last year (2023)!

What is the time commitment like?

During our off season the commitment is lesser, at about 5 hours/week. When we get into our main season in the spring, the time commitment increases to about 8 hours/week. Also during the main season we have three big tournaments that each take up the full weekend. Players are expected to attend practices and tournaments, but of course we make exceptions for thing like class (because you are a student first, athlete second) and illness.

How much does it cost to play?

Dues each year are around $70 per semester- this money helps pay for league fees, buses or gas to and from tournaments, as well as hotel costs.

There may be additional costs, depending on the amount of travel tournaments we travel to, if players want to purchase optional team gear, and other associated cost like meals at tournaments. First year players are also required to purchase a team suit for around $80.

Each year we give players an expected budget sheet to help them better understand the costs and what their money is going towards

Budget should not deter players from joining the team, the e-board is here to work with players to help mitigate any financial concerns.

Do you recruit high schoolers?

We are a club water polo team, meaning we are student run and do not recruit players. All BU students are welcome to join the team regardless of skill level or experience.

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