I’ll be exploring the western coast of Greenland for seven weeks this summer. Since January, I’ve been at work on a historical novel about 19th century British Royal Navy Captain John Ross, and I’m hoping to get a fuller sense of what he experienced on his 1818 voyage in search of the Northwest Passage. I’m particularly excited to visit the National Museum in Nuuk, see the Kangerlua glacier at Ilulissat, go summer dogsledding on Disko Island, and complete the 112-mile backpacking route that connects Sisimiut and Kangerlussuaq.

I depart on June 29th, and expect to only have very infrequent internet access. I will try to post updates when possible, and I look forward to posting a great deal more when I return.


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Greenland’s a cool name, but ironic! Mostly ice, not much green. Vikings named it to attract settlers, maybe hoping for a more inviting land.

Wishing you the best and a great trip around Greenland!!

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