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I grew up in Cherry Hill, NJ, in the suburbs of Philadelphia. As a result, Philly culture has influenced me quite a bit and I try to go to Wawa or grab some Tastykakes whenever the opportunity arises. catamount

In my spare time, I tend to be either watching sports or exploring Boston restaurants.  As you may expect, since one of my activities is eating, it puts a limit on my ability to play sports nowadays, but I still enjoy watching sports whenever I can. Particularly, I am an avid fan of Boston University athletics (hockey and basketball in particular), and I have been known to travel to ridiculous places just to watch a BU team play. I also like to travel to non-ridiculous places as well for non-BU-related events when time permits. I also have a passion for all things Philly sports (especially the Eagles), and watch those whenever I can.

I once made a YouTube video called “Sun Like it Hot” which I intended to turn into a series, but never found the time to continue. Click here to check out the pilot episode!

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