4.29.11 Newsletter

What did the truck say to the bread?



Hello KSA!


THE RESULTS ARE IN! We would like to welcome our new 2011/2012 eboard members!


Co-Presidents: Min Choi & Soojin Kim

Vice President: Kelly Kim

Secretary: Cara Shin

Treasurer: Sam Kim

Webmaster: Claire Ha

Social Chair: Praise Hong

Publicist: Monica Hong

Representative Director: Daniel Joo

Upperclassmen Representative: Andrew Kim

Sophomore Representatives: Anna Youk & Peter Rhim


We as e-board just wanted to say a special thank you to all of the candidates who ran. It is always encouraging to have members that are dedicated and enthusiastic about KSA to want to be part of eboard; however, let’s not forget that we need more members with just as much passion for KSA in order for the organization to grow.


The weather is predicted to be sunny and have a high of 63°F. Woohoo!!

Even better news- our annual BU vs. BC Olympics is THIS SATURDAY, April 30 at 1pm – 5pm at SAC Gym. Come support your fellow KSA members and show some BU PRIDE!

Need something to wear on Saturday?? We still have some of our KSA shirts for sale! Email us or talk to any of the e-board members to get your own for $15!

Spotlight: 2010/2011 President Jaehee Suh

Tell us a little about yourself.I’m a senior in smg concentrating in accounting finance and marketing. I really want to work in the fashion industry. I like to sing to myself. I’m a middle child of 3 girls so I’m kind of weird. I have an alter ego, known as jafonda

How did you get involved with KSA?

um… I first got involved in my freshmen year. My cousin was friends with the ksa eboard and helped me audition for the culture show after the date had passed and I got it so I had a duet with a senior named Eric. S

ince then I was involved in the culture show every year

and for junior year I ran for treasurer.

What did you like most about being our KSA’s president this year?

It was definitely rewarding to see that people are actually passionate about KSA. It really came forth during the culture show when everyone stuck through all the practices and rough patches to provide showcase amazing acts and seeing how proud the were of being part of it and more so, I definitely saw the amount of value KSA is given through the whole interview process. It showed me that my e-board really cared about the organization they were part of.

Any immediate post-undergrad plans?

If i don’t get a job right away, i’m going to go home, live under my parents roof, eat my mom’s cooking again, and find a job so I can buy them a new roof. Yeah… I promised my mom a new house when I was teeny tiny and she won’t let me off the hook.


Jaehee can be contacted at jaehee.suh@gmail.com.

Other News

BU Kimbap Fundraiser to support a few our KSA members who are going on a mission trip to the Middle East. The best part is, they deliver!

Anyone else rediscover this not so new, but definitely not too old song recently? Oh, Taeyang. 


Have a wonderful weekend! See you guys on SATURDAY SATURDAY SATURDAY !!


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