October 2012 Recap

Another month has passed! This semester is going by so quickly but we hope you are enjoying every moment of it. A lot has happened over this month and we would like to just take a moment and recap it all. Thank you so much for your continued support of BU KSA and we hope you are looking forward to all the upcoming events. We have a lot more planned for us this semester and next semester so stay tuned for more updates, reminders, and newsletters! We hope you like what has been going on in BU KSA so far and feel free to email us with any suggestions or concerns.



Our E-board had so much fun playing games and starting off October with everyone who came out to Oktoberfest. We hope you liked the games, and liked watching Jay and Praise get pied!



Thanks for coming out to our Halloween Party. We hope you had a good time and met a lot of new people. All the costumes looked great! Check out our facebook page to see BU KSA’s pictures from the night!



Bimbimbap Backpackers had a great turn out. So many people of all different races and cultures got to try Korea’s most well known food (maybe after kimchi). We hope you liked the food and learned a lot about the health benefits of bibimbap.


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