Culture Show 2013 Full Video

If you missed out on the Culture Show, don’t worry because you can see the whole thing online!




Notes from Co-Pres:

Dear KSA Members and Supporters,


We would first like to thank all of you for coming to our annual culture show and

showing such tremendous support for BU KSA. This year has been a fulfilling

experience for both of us, and we hope you all feel the same way.


Since the huge success of last year’s culture show, we came into the year knowing

that we had big shoes to fill. Despite our initial concerns, we are extremely proud of

everything KSA has achieved so far. From our famous Gangnam Style parody video to

the first annual Mr. KSA that aided the cause of Liberty in North Korea (LiNK), we have

been working tirelessly to provide a place where students have a chance to explore

the rich Korean culture and a community to call home. Of course, none of these would

have been possible without the support from you — our alums, SAO, Allocations Board,

Tsai Performance Center, local community, and active student members.


This year, we aimed to introduce a particular aspect of the Korean culture. 궁합 (Koong-

Hap) directly translates to the word “marital compatibility,” and refers to a popular trend

where couples seek out a fortune teller to predict whether or not they were “meant

to be.” We hope that this refreshing and timely theme helps you gain a better

understanding of the Korean culture that people have yet to see.


The kind of collaborative effort we saw in the limited time we had to prepare

for “SeoulMates” is what inspire and challenge us as an organization. We are incredibly

grateful for all those who were committed to multiple practices during their busy weeks.

They are proof that it is not only the logistical planning that makes us a successful

student group, but also the passion for the Korean culture that brings out such



Thanks again for your continued interest in BU KSA. We hope you enjoy the show!



Praise H. & Cara S.




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