We are a group of Biostatisticians and Epidemiologists working to better understand infectious disease dynamics using statistical modeling approaches. Our work is primarily in tuberculosis, but we are actively engaged in many projects related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We also work closely with clinician research colleagues on projects related to substance use disorders, Hepatitis C, and HIV.

Recent projects 

  • Statistical tools to estimate reproductive numbers from surveillance data accounting for spatial and/or demographic heterogeneities
  • Use of whole genome sequencing data to estimate transmission parameters
  • Disentangling household and community transmission forces
  • Estimating the serial interval of tuberculosis, accounting for cure and censoring
  • Estimating the burden of opioid use disorder in Massachusetts


We aim to develop novel statistical approaches to solve infectious disease problems that are motivated by real data and our work with public health practitioners and clinicians. Specifically we have expertise in spatial modeling, time series methods, capture recapture methods, Bayesian methods, survival analysis methods, and developing novel statistical approaches to modeling infectious diseases.