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Message from the Managing Director

Dear Reader, Boston University has emerged as a significant research university in the past decade. We only began to offer PhDs in Engineering in 1991 and in 2001 our sponsored research revenues was about $200 million. This has almost doubled in the past decade. In the past two years our sponsored research funding from the […]

Acpharis speeds drug discovery with in-silico protein interaction tools

Over the past decade, systems biologists have mapped large networks of protein interactions related to various diseased states, providing many potential new drug targets for the pharmaceutical industry. These targets are dissimilar to traditional drug targets, generally lacking natural small molecule ligands and being physically flatter than the cavities used by many drugs; presenting a […]

Center for Regenerative Medicine builds on Nobel Prize research on stem cells

In early October, Japanese scientist, Shinya Yamanaka shared the Nobel Prize for medicine or physiology with British researcher, John Gordon for discovering that bodily cells, such as skin or hair cells can be reprogrammed into stem cells: a brilliant discovery that has the potential of embryonic-like cells that can become any kind of tissue. When […]

Message from the Managing Director: Tech, Drugs, and Rock n’Roll 2012

Dear Reader, As we enter the Presidential election period, perhaps the most important election in a generation, at stake is contrasting visions of the role of government. After WWII, Vanevar Bush and others pushed for an activist role for the federal government in fostering basic research in the US. NSF and other government labs were formed […]

ITEC’s Start-Up Summer Camp

Developing your start-up idea can be a difficult task, especially for undergraduate and graduate students who are inexperienced in addressing the challenges of starting a new venture.  To assist these students in developing, testing and validating their business ideas the Institute for Technology Entrepreneurship & Commercialization (ITEC) offers a summer start-up program. The program lasts […]

BU New Venture, EnBiotix to engineer next generation antibiotics

EnBiotix, Inc.  a next-generation, engineered antibiotics company has been co-founded by Boston University and Apeiron Partners LLC. The technology is based on the work done by Prof. James J. Collins, a Professor of Biomedical Engineering and an Investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Dr. Collins is a Professor of Medicine and Co-Director of the […]

New Biomarker Signature for COPD

Former BU innovator of the year– Professor and Chief of Computational Biomedicine in the Department of Medicine, Dr. Avi Spira, M.D, Ph.D., has come up with a new biomarker signature to improve the treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), which affects 14.8 million individuals in the United States, and is predicted to become the […]

Treating IgE-Mediated Diseases with Modified Soluble CD23

Through her work with human schistosomiasis, Dr. Lisa Ganley-Leal has identified a compound that may have the ability to treat severe allergic diseases, such as a moderate to severe asthma. The new therapeutic holds the promise of improved efficacy for multiple allergic diseases combined with a lower risk of side effects. The current treatment for […]

Message from the Director – The Year in Review

Dear Reader, We had an exciting 2011 at OTD with key accomplishments summarized below. The group is now complete and we are projecting 2012 to be very active, with several new ventures in the pipeline and many industry license discussions on-going. We have significant commercialization activity emerging from (1) Coulter Translational Partnership in the Biomedical […]