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Women in the National Academy

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Election to the National Academy of Sciences is one of the highest honors for a scientist. In the latest induction, only 9 of 72 new members were women. As women make up more of the Ph.D. recipients in the sciences, their representation in prestigious awards should also go up.

The Association for Women in Science has depicted a different trend. As this graph shows, the NAS is not keeping pace with the proportion of women scientists.


It’s hopeful that women in engineering and applied sciences have reached parity, but gaps still exist in other fields. Part of the cause may be that only Academy members can nominate new members, thereby perpetuating a male dominance. Making the club more open might increase the diversity of its membership.

Award Winners

Friday, December 10th, 2010

At the Evans Days Awards Dinner last night, the Department honored four faculty members for outstanding service.

Research Mentoring

  • Neil Ruderman, endocrinology, diabetes, and nutrition

Junior Faculty Mentoring

  • Marie McDonnell, endocrinology, diabetes, and nutrition

Special Recognition Teaching

  • Hap Farber, pulmonary, allergy, and critical care medicine

Outstanding Citizenship

  • Christine Campbell Reardon, pulmonary, allergy, and critical care medicine

All these honors began with a nomination. When the call for next year's awards goes out, please consider nominating an outstanding colleague. The AAMC publishes helpful guidelines for writing a persuasive nomination letter.

Boston’s Best

Monday, December 6th, 2010

At the end of the year, the Department of Medicine recognizes its members' achievements during Evans Days. Boston Magazine is also spotlighting top doctors in its December issue. They paired with a research firm to solicit nominations for outstanding physicians and then vetted the nominees. The Department of Medicine is well represented on the final list.

The Boston University/Boston Medical Center honorees for medicine are:

  • Eric Awtry (cardiology)
  • Gary Balady (cardiology)
  • Sheilah Bernard (cardiology)
  • Alice Jacobs (cardiology)
  • Kevin Monahan (cardiology)
  • Shalendar Bhasin (endocrinology)
  • Lewis Braverman (endocrinology)
  • Michael Holick (endocrinology)
  • Stephanie Lee (endocrinology)
  • Francis Farraye (gastroenterology)
  • Robert Lowe (gastroenterology)
  • David Nunes (gastroenterology)
  • Serena Chao (geriatrics)
  • Sharon Levine (geriatrics)
  • Thomas Barber (internal medicine)
  • Angela Jackson (internal medicine)
  • Jeffrey Samet (internal medicine)
  • Robert Witzburg (internal medicine)
  • David Salant (nephrology)
  • Kevan Hartshorn (oncology)
  • John Berk (pulmonary)
  • Helen Hollingsworth (pulmonary)
  • Eugene Kissin (rheumatology)
  • Peter Merkel (rheumatology)
  • Robert Simms (rheumatology)

We know we have outstanding faculty. It's always gratifying when an outside source confirms it.