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Do You Know Why?

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

One of the most consistently provocative podcasts is the stream of TED talks. The acronym stands for technology, education, and design, but the topics include just about anything. In addition to presenting innovative ideas, TED speakers model how to give conference talks. They have a single argument, avoid notes, use repetition, and sit down after about 18 minutes.

Marketing guru Simon Sinek provides an example of a successful talk. He offers a clear idea with several relevant examples. He contends that what makes companies, activists, and managers persuasive to people is that they know the why behind what they’re doing. Apple, for instance, doesn’t just sell computers, it sells the core belief of thinking differently.

For medical school faculty, it’s also important to keep the answer to the “why” question at the forefront. Whether it’s organizing a lab or managing a clinic or teaching trainees, the “what” of the day’s tasks will get accomplished more effectively if everyone one knows and buys into the “why” behind the project.