Econometrics Seminar – Spring 2024

Friday 4:00-5:30PM; SSW 315


March 15: Spring Break

March 22: Eli Ben-Michael (CMU): “Policy Learning with Asymmetric Counterfactual Utilities”.

March 29: Kohei Yata (Wisconsin): “Optimal Decision Rules Under Partial Identification”.

April 5: Davide Viviano (Harvard): “On the Design of Network Experiments” (paper-1, paper-2).

April 12: Matthew Hong (BU): ““Semiparametric Changes-in-Changes via Distribution Regression”.

                  Stella Hong (BU): “Sensitivity Analysis of Instrumental Variables via the Proportion of Unmeasured Confounding”.

April 19: Martin (Tincho) Almuzara (New York Fed): “Micro Responses to Macro Shocks”.

April 26: Xu Cheng (Penn): “Optimal Estimation of two-way Effects under Limited Mobility”.

May 3: Zhanyuan Tian (BU): “Sensitivity Analysis for the Functional Form in the Difference-in-Differences Setting with Unobserved Confounding”.

              Haoran Pan (BU): “Testing for Homophily in Network Formation Models”.

May 10: Qifan Han (BU): “The Impact of Banning Online Gambling Livestreams: Evidence from”.

                Liang Zhong (BU): “”(Unconditional) Randomization Testing for Spillover Effect”.