Econometrics Seminar – Spring 2023

Friday 4:00-5:30PM; SSW 315


February 24: Gabriel Rodriguez-Rondon (McGill, visiting BU): “Monte Carlo Likelihood Ratio Tests for Markov Switching Models“.

March 3: Emilio Gonzalez-Coya (BU): “Uncovering Bias in Uncovered Interest Parity Tests”.

  •  Yanus Kurt (BU): “User-centered Counseling in Contraceptive Decision-Making”.

March 10: Spring Break

March 17: Hiro Kaido (BU): “A Control Function Approach to Binary Response Models with Discrete Endogenous Variables”.

March 24 (CAS 208): Zhanyuan Tian (BU): “Inference When the Parallel Trend Assumption Does Not Hold Exactly”.

  •  Stella Hong (BU): “Distribution Regression with Censored Selection”.

March 31: Qifan Han (BU): “Partial Identification on Potential Nest Structures”.

  • Matthew Hong (BU): “Empirical Bayes Analysis of Binary Outcome Panel Data Models”.

April 7: Liang Zhong (BU): “Power Maximum Conditional Randomization Testing under General Interference”.

  •   Yan Liu (BU): “Counterfactual Analysis for Panel Multinomial Choice Models”.

April 14:  Vira Semenova (Berkeley): “Adaptive Estimation of Intersection Bounds: a Classification Approach”.

April 21: Aureo de Paula (UCL): “Estimating Nesting Structures”.

April 28: Kirill Ponomarev (Chicago): “Selecting Inequalities for Sharp Identification in Models with Set-Valued Predictions”.

May 5: Haoran Pan (BU): “Smooth Approximation for Inference in Moment Inequality Models”.

  • Marco Olivari (BU): “GLS-IV in Time Series Regressions”.