Econometrics Seminar – Spring 2022

Friday 4:00-5:30PM; SSW 315


March 11: Spring Break

March 18: Ivan Fernandez-Val (BU): “Dynamic Heterogenous Distribution Regression Panel Models, with an Application to Labor Income Processes.”

March 25: Xunkang Tian (BU): “Adapted Approximate Bayesian Computation in Network Estimations.”

Zhangyuan Tian (BU): “Moment Selection and Inference in Misspecified Moment Inequality Model.”

April 1: Ismael Mourifie (Toronto): “Discordant Relaxations of Misspecified Models.” (online only)

April 8: Zhongjun Qu (BU): “Frequency Domain Specification Analysis of DSGE Models Allowing for Weak Identification.”

April 15: Andrew Patton (Duke): “Testing Forecast Rationality for Measures of Central Tendency”. (online only)

April 22: Christiane Baumeister (Notre-Dame): “Advances in Using Vector Autoregressions to Estimate Structural Magnitudes.” (online only)

April 29: Patrick Power (BU): “Implicit Cluster Effects.”

Yanus Kurt (BU): “How to Experiment with Ranking Algorithms”

May 4: Bryan Graham (Berkeley, DV): “Simulated Maximum Likelihood (SML) Estimation of Supermodular Complete Information Discrete Games with Many Players.”