Working papers

Temporal stability, cross-validity, and external validity of risk preferences measures: experimental evidence from a UK representative sample


Research Papers in Progress

“Estimating the blood supply elasticity”

“Don’t Stop Me Now: the Impact of Donation Time on Donors’ Future Behavior”

“Emerging Trends in Financing of Adult Heart Transplantation in the United States”, with Ersilia M. DeFilippis, Muthiah Vaduganathan, Josef Stehlik, and Mandeep R. Mehra

“Blood donations among ethnic minorities in England”, with Francisca V Lopes (Erasmus U), Matteo M Galizzi (LSE), Richard Grieve (LSHTM)

“Altruism, incentives, and self-selection of healthcare providers”, with Matteo M Galizzi (LSE), and Daniel Wiesen (University of Cologne).

“The effect of health shocks on risk preferences: experimental evidence from a UK representative sample”, with Matteo M Galizzi (LSE) and Antoine Marsaudon (Paris School of Economics).

“Does plain packaging of confectionary impact children’s choice behaviour? An experimental approach.” , with Susannah Pye (NHS) and Gareth Hopkin (IHE)


Journal articles

Barros, PP, Machado, SR, (2010) “Money for nothing: the net costs of medical training”, Health Care Management Science, Vol 13 (3) 234-255. (available here)


Barros, P., Machado, S., Simões, J., (2011) “Health Systems in Transition: Portugal: Health System Review” Health Systems in Transition, 13(4): 1-156. (available here)

Regular contributor to “The Health Systems and Policy Monitor”, from the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policy (

Goncalves, J, Machado, SR, Gomes, JP, Lazarus, J (2017) “Eliminating Hepatitis C in Portugal”, Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda

(old) Working papers

“General internists at the hospital: cost savers or big spenders?”, with Pedro P. Barros (previous version available here)

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