When the End Comes to Higher Education Institutions, 1890-2019

Here I post a working paper and accompanying data source discussing the life course of higher education institutions and ecology of higher education specifically as it relates to the very steep increase in the number of colleges and universities that have been closing in recent years — and will continue to increase.

This working paper is a sketch that is part of a much larger book-length project on the history of higher education in the United States. I decided to circulate this piece “early” because of the tremendous current attention on recent institutional closures in hopes that it would make a contribution to that discussion. Please respect that this is part of an ongoing project. I welcome all comments, suggestions, and criticisms: vsapiro@bu.edu.

Sapiro, “Working Paper: The Life Course of Higher Education Institutions: When the End Comes, 1890-2019” 2019.  SapiroWhentheEndComes2019

Sapiro, “When the End Comes to Higher Education Institutions, 1890-2019: A Data Source.”  SapiroWhentheEndComesDataSource