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Post-NH Primary Interview: The Power of Outsiders & Feelings

An interview with Margaret Waterman  posted this morning on the BU Experts site: Q: This was the first primary of the season. How can we explain the results in New Hampshire? VS:  Tonight was a big win for the “outsiders.” Donald Trump had a clear plurality, and showed continuing strength in his “in your face” campaign. Unlike […]

New Hampshire Primary Day

Who knows what we will know by tomorrow, but there’s one thing we know today:  New Hampshire can be stunning! Snowy #NHPrimary day in #Gilmanton at my voting place. @VSapiro  

No Wasted Effort: How the Iowa Caucuses Work

Having just reviewed how the Iowa Caucuses work to prepare for this week’s Big Event, I bet there are few folks out there outside of Iowa (and maybe inside Iowa) who are not total elections nerds who understand the process. So before the press and pundits focus only on “Who Won,” I decided to share […]

What Happens in Vermont, Stays in Vermont …. at Least with Respect to College Tuition

In the course of doing research on the cost and price of higher education, I ran across a couple of tables that are very interesting in light of the debate between Democratic nomination candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Both want college education to be more accessible and affordable, but their assumptions and routes are […]