Prof. Hudon’s guide to the cosmos

The light from Andromeda that is received by your eyes tonight left the galaxy well before humans were still relying on rock walls to be their art galleries.

Daniel Hudon, Bluffer’s Guide to the Cosmos

Bluffer's Guide to the CosmosProf. Hudon, one of the able instructors in the Core Natural Sciences, is the author of Bluffer’s Guide to the Cosmos, published by Oval Books in 2009. As reviewed in BBC Sky at Night: “The latest in the wonderful Bluffer’s Guide series takes us on a whirlwind tour of the Universe… even the most expert astronomer will enjoy digging out these nuggets to convey at an astro convention, or to enliven dinner party talk. Buy, and enjoy!” A more detailed review appeared in UniverseToday. Here is a short Youtube trailer Prof. Hudon made for the book,  and a video introduction for the book.

Prof. Hudon’s erudition and good humor are well-known among his students. The same qualities are found through this book.  Whether you’re concerned with Black Holes or Big Bangs,  Bluffer’s Guide to the Cosmo will prepare you thoroughly to do a little more than bluff through each one.

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