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Visual Therapy (it is indeed!)

Working on the Antigone project, I found this wonderful art-sharing website called “Visual Therapy.”  Starting in 2009, the website was launched in Kuwait  to use “aesthetics to provide relief for the soul.”  The web source is described as this: “Visual Therapy is an amalgamation of projects, which come together to create an aesthetic platform for innovative […]

Heidi Latsky’s “Gimp”

In relationship to our conversation about Charles Mee and his “Notes on Casting,” I was reminded of Dancer/Choreographer Heidi Latsky and a piece she is touring with titled “Gimp.”  The piece mixes fully able-bodied dancers with “disabled” dancers to challenge our perception that “disabled” people lack ability, especially in relationship to movement and performance.  With […]

Nuns Burning Themselves for Freedom in Tibet

As we wrap up our Antigone projects, I thought it was poignant, yet disturbing that I came upon this article in The Independent. The title is “Nun burns herself to death in new phase of struggle for Tibet” and the article discusses recent turmoil experienced by Tibetan monks and nuns, whose practice of Buddhism has […]

It Came From Kuchar and I Love it!

This week, I watched a wonderful documentary directed by Jennifer Kroot called “It Came From Kuchar,” which chronicles the life and work of famous Underground film artists George and Mike Kuchar.  George Kuchar, the more famous of the duo, sadly died on September 6th of this year, having created over 200 films and having taught […]

Borrowing or Stealing?

Having just started reading “Arts Beat” on a regular basis, tonight I found an article titled “Beyonce Accused of Plagiarism Over Video.” Immediately, I thought, “They finally called her out for using Fosse’s choreography in ‘Single Ladies.’”  As I began to read the article, I found that there was no mention of Fosse’s movement at […]

Helpful Links (in relation to Mac Wellman and avant garde theatre)

After our conversation on Mac Wellman, I would love to share information and links to some avant garde theatre artists (especially in dance theatre) who have immensely inspired me.  Here’s a list: 1. Pina Bausch, who created the Tanztheater Wuppertal in Germany, is famous for having created a beautiful relationship between dance and theatre.  Here […]

Read “The Pleasure Principle: Sex, Backlash and the Struggle for Gay Freedom!”

Hey Folks, Last Fall, I was attempting to write a film treatment for a class led by filmmaker Jennie Livingston (who made Paris is Burning) that directly connected Charles Atlas, exercise extraordinaire, to the hypersexual gym culture that exists within the gay community. In my research, I found that a queer theorist, Michael Bronski, who […]