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Mining Mabou Mines

So it’s been a little while now since I saw the Mabou Mines production of “Dollhouse”. I am still trying to parse through what I felt. It breaks down, I think, into two sections. Visceral: Loved it. I was consistently surprised in a way that I rarely have been in the theatre. The set, the […]

A Refurbished Dollhouse

Like many of us, I went to see Mabou Mines’ version of A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen. It was stunning, in the literal sense. I found that most of the time my mouth was ajar. The visual images in the show were incredibly striking. The fact that Nora quite literally did not fit the […]

Dear Ilana – I’m so glad…

…that I saw Dollhouse! I almost bailed! (of course) but I’m SO glad I didn’t! But I didn’t plan to blog, because – well, first, I think we thought we weren’t ALL supposed to blog about it? haha, but also – I STILL don’t feel like I have a “whole,” “thoughtful” post! I just have […]

Mabou Mines’ “A Doll’s House”

I found Mabou Mines’ production of Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House” visually stunning, hilarious and horrific. What I am most interested in exploring is how the production fits into the “avant garde” canon. What makes this production avant garde? Well…it’s cutting edge in it’s representation of a “classic.” What makes it cutting edge then? The fact […]

Good question…what DID we just watch?

I could definitely sit at my computer and write a blog response to Mabou Mines “Dollhouse” about the theory behind the production. You know, the societal implications, what it’s trying to SAY, the comment it’s making on gender in western culture, how that relates to Ibsen’s original commenting on that in his earliest stagings of […]

What In The Hell Did I Just Watch

[My opinion on this production is half-formed and will probably change several more times throughout the next week. What I’m writing here is how I feel tonight, in this moment, in my body as it currently exists. These thoughts are neither concrete nor completely flexible. Such is the challenge when examining the avant-garde.] One of […]


So about the Mabou Mines’ “Dollhouse”…. Writing this feels almost like trying to recall a dream, something that slips away faster the more I try to put it into words. I’m not sure what happened the other night in that production. I don’t even think I walked away knowing the plot line (having never read […]

Lacking Some Ability for Intake

I saw (with plenty of the authors of this blog) Mabou Mines’ Dollhouse on Saturday and it’s making me think. About theatre. DAMN IT! I’m subtly angry about this fact. I don’t really care whether I enjoyed this production or not (and I can’t really decide what my overall experience was) but god damn it […]