HEY LADIES: Half Straddle

To further my search for some bad ass ladies I began with the list of speakers from Women in Downtown Theatre. I wasn’t able to identify who they were by just their voices, so I decided to identify their voices by watching a lot of youtube. This led me to Tina Satter, the writer/ director of Brooklyn based Half Straddle. Half Straddle makes the plays, music, and video’s that Satter creates. Their work is pretty funny, and if you are wondering what got me hooked then this video should explain it all.

“Half Straddle is like that smart, “weird” indie rock alternagrrrl in high school who starts a zine and is into cool stuff and crafts and is always sneaking off into the city to hang out with grown-ups”

In the Pony Palace/ FOOTBALL premiered at the Bushwick Star at the beginning of this year, and much to my dismay, I missed it. BUT! I did check out their work sample, and it looks awesome. What draws me in is the feeling that these people look like they are having so much fun working together. Their is a quality of comfortableness that feels like we are being invited into a large inside joke, because the ideas are universal thoughts we all have but rarely share. I highly reccomend checking them out!

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