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stripping a bodice, dancing with shadows, and projections for all

Last month I saw Ex Machina/ Robert Lepage’s THE ANDERSEN PROJECT at Arts Emerson. I knew of Robert Lepage (aka I recognized his name) and was excited to see something different. I did not know anything going into the theater and as the lights dimmed my friend whispered to me “Oh god, It’s 2 hours […]

HEY LADIES: Half Straddle

To further my search for some bad ass ladies I began with the list of speakers from Women in Downtown Theatre. I wasn’t able to identify who they were by just their voices, so I decided to identify their voices by watching a lot of youtube. This led me to Tina Satter, the writer/ director […]


Temporary Distortion’s Newyorkland tells the story of four New York City cops and the difficulties that they have living in society with that title. Like all of Temporary Distortion’s work, Newyorkland is told through a mix of projections and intense sound scape over a restrained physical performance of the actors performing in tight confined boxes. […]

“Women in Downtown Theater: Producing Your Own Work”

Last Sunday Young Jean Lee organized a panel discussion at the Brooklyn Museum about women in downtown theatre and how they get their own work done. Unfortunately, my bus didn’t get in to New York until the discussion was well on its way, but I did receive audio of it and now am kicking myself even harder […]

“Who do you think you are to be immune from tragedy?”

Since the start of the semester I have realized that being a “Lady Director” (as I prefer to call it) is not a path without battles. I mean, no profession in the arts is, but this path is one covered in all types of land mines that no one has set off yet. This past […]

What plays are featured?

I was just checking out Ilana’s segment on the round table discusion ( — about 30 minutes in) and it made me really think about mission statements. That was talked about by a lot of the other speakers, but we all know Ilana, so lets watch her, ok? I had always thought about mission statements […]