Dear Ilana – I’m so glad…

…that I saw Dollhouse! I almost bailed! (of course) but I’m SO glad I didn’t!

But I didn’t plan to blog, because – well, first, I think we thought we weren’t ALL supposed to blog about it? haha, but also – I STILL don’t feel like I have a “whole,” “thoughtful” post! I just have a lot of feelings, and they’re quiet and they’re not quiet but either way they don’t have words yet? I could probably be all, production value! choices! zomg curtain and I counted the light fixtures! but – it wasn’t about that? Even coming home, considering a post on my personal blog (which is even less coherent than here, if that’s possible, so it’d’ve been okay if it was just all – BLURRY BRIMMY ~FEELINGS), the only thing I really wanted to say was, “If you like Art-with-a-capital-A, go see this now.”

Or maybe not even. Maybe just, “GO SEE THIS NOW!!”

It was an experience. Something to be experienced and not described. Even if it DIDN’T speak to your heart – and I’m still not sure in a way if it spoke to mine – it was so, SO interesting. I’m incredibly sorry we saw the second-to-last production ever; I would have liked to encourage others to go.

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