Writing Time

I don’t know what I feel like a “real post” should be, but that last one didn’t seem like it ought to count. So let me give you what’s on my mind, as of the zipping by of 3:00 AM and my realization that – again – I wrote ZERO WORDS today. Writing challenge of the month; so far, not a raging success. I imagine quite a few of you will also relate to this poem I’m thinking of…

Writing Time

I stop writing
to make a cup of coffee
to read the mail
to put a load of wash in
to play a game of solitaire
to water the African violet
to straighten out the piles on my desk
to pluck my eyebrows
to call my mother
to shorten a pair of slacks
to pay a bill
to look for a lost phone number
to check my email
to get another CD to play
to file my nails
to scan a picture of my cousin
to make lunch
to watch the news
to read a magazine
to put the wash in the dryer
to make a cup of tea
to take a nap
to put the laundry away
to shut off the computer
and wonder where
I will find time
to write great things.

~ Jane Schneeloch

LIFE. It gets in the way of creating. But then, with no life, I might run out of things to create. QUANDARY. Since we can’t all be Emily Dickinson…

How do you make time to make art? (Tell me!)

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