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On nerds, love, happiness, and keeping your heart open to the sky –

This post is the culmination of a lot of things. I’m not even sure where to start. How much do you love the things you love? I think, as a group, we are pretty passionate about…stuff. I, though I don’t know if most of you know me quite well enough to be aware of this, […]

What are some of your favorite plays?

I seem to have a bit of a thing for posting on the 29th of each month, and then the 8th of the next. How odd, as the days of the weeks are different. Anyway… I was doing this thing with friends and acquaintances that involved asking and answering more or less random questions. It’s […]

John Cage, that’s enough out of you… And a $$ diagram people might like.

So remember Cage and 4’33” and all the talking we did about that last year? And in Art History, if anyone’s taken some for any reason, that covers recent-ish stuff? Or just plain History; I think we talked about it in high school. Anyway, I’m on board mostly. I think it’s an interesting, paradigm-shifting idea, […]

Grab bag! A comic for you – and my heart – and my threshold for Art.

So I went to Daniel MacIvor’s play House on Thursday, with my very literal-minded best friend from Elsewhere, and I went to The PGK Project at Movement at the Mills on Friday, dragging along my roommate, also from Elsewhere, who was like, “…Oh. We’re going to see a dance show?” (just imagine the tone) I really […]

More dance shows!! The PGK Project @ Movement at the Mills (BCA)

…If you can’t tell from the titles, I was going to combine these posts, but I know when things get long, people stop reading. So: I guess the BCA has this thing called Movement at the Mills? It’s basically, from what I can glean, a dance exhibition where three different companies perform in the same […]

More dance shows! ORIGINS 2011.

Guys, it’s a problem that every time I come here to post I get massively distracted by all your interesting posts before me… But anyway. Joe posted about helping Stuart with his work on DTG’s annual Origins! but he did not tell you how to go see it! So: Boston University’s Dance Theatre Group is […]

Writing Time

I don’t know what I feel like a “real post” should be, but that last one didn’t seem like it ought to count. So let me give you what’s on my mind, as of the zipping by of 3:00 AM and my realization that – again – I wrote ZERO WORDS today. Writing challenge of […]

Dear Ilana – I’m so glad…

…that I saw Dollhouse! I almost bailed! (of course) but I’m SO glad I didn’t! But I didn’t plan to blog, because – well, first, I think we thought we weren’t ALL supposed to blog about it? haha, but also – I STILL don’t feel like I have a “whole,” “thoughtful” post! I just have […]


I wanted to create a sculpture almost anyone, regardless of their background, could look at and instantly recognize that it is about the idea of struggling to break free. This sculpture is about the struggle for achievement of freedom through the creative process. ~ Zenos Frudakis

Art or Entertainment?

So I’m taking dance classes this year, for the first time since high school, ’cause: 1. I decided to stop kidding myself that I would exercise on my own time. 2. I love it, and I’ve missed it. A lot. 3. It’s free! 4. Apparently I wanted to find out how much flexibility I’ve lost. […]


Apparently. I wanted to embed this, but it hates me. Whyyyyy??? So, since I bought tickets for H2$ with D-Rad back in the spring, I’ve been on this mailing list for discounts on tickets and stuff in NY? And most of the time they send me a million things and I’m just like blah, blah, […]

The Palace Beautiful

Have you ever read Little Women? It is my favorite book of all time. But don’t worry if you started it and really didn’t see the appeal – my best friend is was! one of those. On the other hand, if you’ve never heard of it or just said, “Is that the one with Sutton […]

My Last Play

“Do I really need that 20-volume collection of America’s lost plays?” he said in an interview. “I don’t. I haven’t looked at it in 15 years. It’s decoration at this point. But the other thing is that it’s self-definition. I am a guy with a lot of theater books, that’s who I am. And what […]

KAIROS Dance Theater

KAI•ROS [kahy-rohs] -noun: The ancient Greeks believed in two types of time: “chronos” – referring to chronological, sequential or ordinary time; and “kairos” – meaning unique time, time in between. A LIMINAL SPACE, IF YOU WILL. But seriously. Remember when we read the Wellman? If you’d like to see some dance theater right here on […]


So, I haven’t seen Candide (at the Hunt) yet, but a friend of mine, non-BU, saw it last night! Coincidence. I asked her to let me know what she thought afterward, because she’s had some really interesting insights on the Hunt in the past. I also asked if she was a subscriber, for the same […]

keyword: violence

As some of you probably know, one of the things I did this summer was Masked. For anyone who doesn’t know, it’s a play by Ilan Hatsor, about three Palestinian brothers whose family has been damaged and who have been pulled in different directions by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and how they choose (or are forced […]