I wanted to embed this, but it hates me. Whyyyyy???

So, since I bought tickets for H2$ with D-Rad back in the spring, I’ve been on this mailing list for discounts on tickets and stuff in NY? And most of the time they send me a million things and I’m just like blah, blah, junk, blah, kind of cool, but, uh, I live here and like…have some things to do. But today in my inbox – STICK FLY!! [excessive excitement goes here]

Anyway. The giant poster in the email is actually several images, I realized when trying to copy it in – sneaky! (plus I can’t figure out how to resize giant things?) so no picture. Alas. But here, have this happy-making, truth-telling, slightly corny image that’s been making the Facebook rounds. It speaks for itself.

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