So, I haven’t seen Candide (at the Hunt) yet, but a friend of mine, non-BU, saw it last night! Coincidence. I asked her to let me know what she thought afterward, because she’s had some really interesting insights on the Hunt in the past. I also asked if she was a subscriber, for the same reason. (Unrelated fact: Stick Fly is one of her favorite plays! <3) I thought her response might amuse some of you:

“Yes, my parents and I are subscribers. We’ve had the same seats in the mezzanine for a decade? And my parents have been going way longer than that. They were complaining that the Huntington already did Candide, several years ago, but I couldn’t remember a recent production of Candide. It turns out the Huntington did Candide when I was 3, OVER TWO DECADES AGO. I was like, that is MORE THAN SEVERAL YEARS, PARENTS. YOU ARE JUST OLD.

The show was phenomenal, BTW. The actress playing Cunegonde was spectacular, and I wish I could watch her solo from Act 1 a couple dozen more times. Amazing costuming, set and prop design, choreography, and direction. It’s definitely setting a high bar for the rest of the season.”

So now I’m quite excited to go! I’m also…not sure if this post counts as news. So I may have to make another one. Good thing our Mac Wellman conversation gave me LOTS of ideas… (some of which I’m also not sure count as news) (but they count as thoughts, right?) (right?) (I’m going with right)

P.S. Did anyone else think Candide was an opera? I don’t know why, but for the longest time, I swear. Is there an opera Candide or like Candide or does it sound like it should an opera or am I just crazy.

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