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An INCREDIBLE Night at the Symphony

I just got back to my apartment from Symphony Hall after seeing B.U.’s Symphony Orchestra and Symphonic Chorus present Arnold Schoenberg’s A Survivor From Warsaw and Guiseppe Verdi’s Requiem (“Messa da requiem”), and let me just say, HOLY SHIT. I’ve been feverishly listening to opera music and singing through all the Gioachino Rossini I can […]

Hitler in a Tracksuit (or, the Half-Formed Thoughts Post)

A disclaimer: Honestly, I have no clue what my own feelings on the Der Spiegel article I’m about to tell you about are. It has something to do with a topic I’ve already posted in this blog several times about: the role of comedy in culture and art. But I have so very many multitudinous […]

Good question…what DID we just watch?

I could definitely sit at my computer and write a blog response to Mabou Mines “Dollhouse” about the theory behind the production. You know, the societal implications, what it’s trying to SAY, the comment it’s making on gender in western culture, how that relates to Ibsen’s original commenting on that in his earliest stagings of […]

“Even rabbits bite when they are pushed.”

Everyone, I implore you to PLEASE read this extremely important New York Times article from about a week ago. There’s a set of short videos that go along with it – cartoons – that I urge you to watch too. The cartoons seem, at first glance, short, silly, and needlessly violent – no different then […]

A Young Shakespearean’s Response to “Anonymous,” Outstanding Cinematic “Travesty” of 2011

And now for the surprise of the century: I paid eleven dollars and fifty cents this past Saturday to see Roland Emmerich’s new film “Anonymous,” the film about how the-artist-possibly-known-as William Shakespeare was anything but. I know, I know, shocking. I’ve been waiting for it to hit the silver screen for about half a year. […]

Everybody’s a Critic?

It’s rare that I’ll admit to experiencing schadenfreude at any given moment. Of course I’d like to think I don’t experience it often anyhow. But, to be honest, I have one habit through which I find myself able to this joy-at-misfortune roam free: my extensive weekly reading of arts criticism. I read theatre reviews, film […]

“Ignazio…let loose a startlingly full and mature high note. A girl literally screamed with delight…”

This past July, I had to take a JetBlue flight from Boston to get to a family wedding. I hadn’t been on a plane in years, so I was genuinely surprised by the miniature television glued into the back of the seat in front of me. I left it off for the entire flight, deciding […]

Women in Comedy: Separation, or Special Treatment?

British newspaper the Guardian’s online “Culture” page is on my daily blog roundup (for lack of a better name for my news-mongering internet habit) as the stop I make to get a more global view of the arts. If I feel something’s been a cultural trend in the U.S. for several days, weeks or months, […]

The “Cheezburger” and 21st-Century Culture

As budding dramaturgs, we’ve already been taught that we should go forth and feed ourselves on culture. But what if all that’s for dinner these days is commonly referred to as “the lowest form of culture”? Should this growing subset of our 21st-century cultural identity – internet memes – be able to whet our appetites? […]