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Tis the season, throw out the tights!

Ok, so as we’ve learned, apparently a theatre company needs to produce “A Christmas Carol” once a year if its going to make any money for the rest of its season. But whose to say that “A Christmas Carol” can’t be fun, exciting and unusual in its own right? Stepping away from the the family […]

So… About there being no money in the theatre…

After the epic discussion last week about starting theatre companies and taking the world of regional theaters by storm. Subverting the system to find freedom in our work, going out on limbs and taking great risk for great reward, I was feeling pretty jazzed and ready to go start a theatre company of my own. […]

Consider…. the Flash Mob…

So I was doing some reading around the Arts pages of some big name newspapers and it got me thinking about flash mobs. On the storytelling gambit people in flash mobs seem to run between spontaneous explosions of joy and laughter, to advertisements for major corporations. To me flash mobs have always seemed to dwell […]


So about the Mabou Mines’ “Dollhouse”…. Writing this feels almost like trying to recall a dream, something that slips away faster the more I try to put it into words. I’m not sure what happened the other night in that production. I don’t even think I walked away knowing the plot line (having never read […]

Snowbound, frostbitten, Hopeless Antarctic… Puppets

Ever since I was little and saw the A&E movie “Shakelton” starring Kenneth Branagh I’ve been fascinated by the story of Ernest Shakelton. For those of you who are not up on this historical tidbit, a very brief summary: Ernest Shakelton, an Englishmen, commanded an expedition to Antarctica just before the outbreak of WWI. He […]

‘Lidless’ is eye opening

Many of us have heard, at least to some extent, about the horrors of Guantanamo Bay. Famed for being the United States’ answer to not being able to torture prisoners in our borders it represents a dark period of fear and mistrust in our country’s history. What is often past over, however, is the sociopolitical […]

The Lone Storyteller Lives

In New York City, one of the commercial, material and political centers of the world, one would hardly expect there to be strong voices standing against corporations especially one that many would say has revolutionized the ways we communicate with each other . Mike Daisy, travels around the world performing extemporaneous monologues about controversial, current […]

1 Festival, 1 Playwright, 37 Plays, 37 Languages…

Ever wake in the middle of the night wondering what Shakespeare’s “Cymbeline” would sound like in Juba Arabic or pondering the effect of the Polish language on a production of Macbeth? Well, find yourself a plane ticket to London NOW (some of you might already be there)! Starting April 23 (Shakespeare’s birthday), at The Globe […]

Audience in the Hot Seat!

A new play that opened at the Jackie Liebergott Black Box Theatre at Arts Emerson puts the responsibility for a satisfying theatrical experience into the audience’s hands. “How Much is Enough” is a show that provides an interactive experience with the audience by using their answers to various questions posed throughout the show as fodder. […]