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An Illiad

Better Late than never…! When I was in New York over spring break, I went to see An Illiad by Denis O’Hare and Lisa Petersonat the New York Theatre Workshop  featuring Stephen Spinella and Denis O’Hare on alternating nights.   I saw Stephen Spinella. The script was very interesting and engaging at certain moments, evoking thoughts […]

More articulated thoughts on ‘Hookman’

I already shared my initial impressions after seeing ‘Hookman’ at Company one.  But here’s my response paper for it, it contains more articulated thoughts. Hookman, by Lauren Yee, was not what I expected.  Then again, I don’t know how I could ever have expected the originality and poignancy mixed with horror/dark comedy that is Hookman.  […]

Radiohole’s ‘Whatever, Heaven Allows’

Woah, Radiohole is crazy and awesome!  Lat week I watched Radiohole’s ‘Whatever, Heaven Allows’ on on the boards tv. Whatever, Heaven Allows is based on Paradise Lost by John Milton, and All That Heaven Allows by Douglas Sirk.  However, the piece is by Radiohole, so it is not your typical traditional theatrical experience.  When I […]

Cafe Variations

Last weekend I went to see Café Variations at Arts Emerson, directed by Anne Bogart with music by the Gershwins and text by Charles Mee.  The piece was collaboration between the Siti Company and Emerson musical theatre students.  I found it to be a breathtakingly beautiful piece both aesthetically and in its subject matter, which […]


Last night I saw Company One’s production of Hookman by Lauren Yee, put on by xx playlab, Directed by Greg Maraio, and Dramaturged by Ilana Brownstein.  It was a very interesting experience.  I was completely engaged the entire time, partially because I was not always sure what was going on, but also because it was […]

The Cantab

This past Wednesday I went to see my friend compete in a poetry slam at the Cantab Lounge in Central Square, Cambridge.  The Cantab has a rich history of poetry and music and is nationally recognized as a great slam venue.  I felt lucky to be able to go and I plan on going again […]

The Natural

I just finished reading ‘The Natural”, an article about Nina Arianda, written for the New Yorker’s ‘Backstage Chronicles’ section by John Lahr.  Arianda is currently playing Vanda, the lead, in David Ives’ new play “Venus in Fur” on Broadway.  The article describes her, at the time she was cast, as a hopeful young actress, just […]

24 Hour Play Project

This weekend we had our annual Boston University 24 Hour Play Project.  The theme was ‘Ages of Humanity’ inspired by Jaques’ ‘Ages of Man’ speech from As You Like It, but made more inclusive for this day and age.  What an amazing experience!  I Organized the project and co-facilitated the day with Amber.  It was […]

Radical Hospitality

After Ilana mentioned in class that Mixed Blood Theatre Company (located in Minneapolis) doesn’t charge for their tickets I was very intrigued.  That’s amazing!!!  Free theatre!!  That’s what I feel is necessary, that will make theatre no longer elite, but a tool of the people once again! Huzzah!  So I did some more research to […]

It Gets Better: The power of hope and storytelling.

While browsing through the online San Francisco Chronicle ‘Entertainment’ section (yes I live in Boston now, but a girl can still read, right?…) I came across a review of the documentary ‘It Gets Better’ which is airing tonight (Tuesday the 21st) on MTV and Logo cable channels at 11:00 P.M.  Watch it if you can!  […]

Plays and Parties

NOTE: THIS POST IS WRITTEN BY CALLIE AND POSTED BY SONIA BECAUSE CALLIE DOES NOT CURRENTLY HAVE POSTING ACCESS Recently in Theatre Management we were asked to design our own theatre companies. The easiest way to do this is obviously to combine a whole slew of things you’re passionate about, so I tried to compile […]

Theatre of the Oppressed

A few weeks ago Katy Rubin, a BU CFA alumnus, came and did a ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ workshop with us.  It was both enjoyable and thought provoking.  We discussed such things as the famous ‘This is not an Apple’ painting by Rene Magritte, and how our bodies respond to words without our minds even […]

It’s Raining Apples!

While checking my e-mail today, I saw this astonishing headline on Yahoo News: “Unexplained shower of apples falls from sky over town” Apparently, “More than 100 apples mysteriously rained down upon a small British town on Monday night. The still-unexplained apple shower left 20 yards of city streets and car windshields covered in the cascading […]

Flush the Walls!!

While reading arts blog the Exhibitionist, I came across a post about bathroom art ‘taking over’ the MFA.  The post was dated June 2011. Apparently at that time, “The bathrooms bordering the new Art of the Americas wing at the Museum of Fine Arts have been taken over by a group of artists looking to […]

The Poetic Justice Project, empowering the disempowered through poetry and theatre.

I have been trying to figure out why I am so drawn to the idea of prison theatre. This is one of those instances where my heart and body know something before my mind does. I have a physical reaction when I think about the importance of doing theatre in prisons. While doing some research, […]

Movement at the Mills

Last week I went to see The PGK Project dance company perform at the ‘Movement at the Mills’ dance series in the BCA’s art gallery in the south end. It was a free performance!! In other words I was already on board. offering free dance theatre experiences to the public? Making dance accessible to the […]

The dramaturgy of our lives

I’ve been thinking lately about the dramaturgy of life. If social constructs and categories (i.e. race, gender, sexual identity, ect.), cause us to ‘perform’ in life (i.e. gender performativity) then are we the dramaturgs of our own lives? After all, as Shakespeare says, “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely […]

A Refurbished Dollhouse

Like many of us, I went to see Mabou Mines’ version of A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen. It was stunning, in the literal sense. I found that most of the time my mouth was ajar. The visual images in the show were incredibly striking. The fact that Nora quite literally did not fit the […]

Oh baby!

Talk about pushing the limits of art! This woman is definitely pushing, whether it’s art or not, that’s up to the viewer I suppose. In Microscope Gallery in Brooklyn, on October 26th, Marni Kotak gave birth to a baby boy in front of spectators as an art piece. I was a bit shocked when I […]

Occupy with Art because the Times they are a Changin’!!

This morning I listened to Bob Dylan and cried. Yes really. Specifically I listened to “The Times they are a Changin’” I was particularly struck by these two verses: Come writers and critics Who prophesize with your pen And keep your eyes wide The chance won’t come again And don’t speak too soon For the […]