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A Quick Interlude

Before I go on continuing to post about Occupy and Theatre, I wanted to post about this 2amt post about musical theatre. I love his thesis on non-“authentic” music in musical theatre, though, at the same time, I can’t help but admit I do love some inauthentic shows. I’ve always wondered how musical theatre went […]

Theatre of the Occupy 1: Why The Occupy Movement Means Theatre is Still Relevant

Over the past few weeks I’ve gained a growing interest on understanding the Occupy movement and my point of view on it has pretty radically changed. As I’ve gone through my progression in understanding how the movement is structured and acted out, I’ve constantly had theatre on my mind as I look into it. Over […]

Zelda Fichandler and Regional Theatre

Zelda Fichandler’s speech to the Stage Directors and Choreographers society has a couple quotes in it that have gotten me thinking. From reading her speech I can’t tell her exact thoughts on the current state of the regional theatre model, and theatre in America, but here are mine. The fabric of the thought that propelled […]

Lacking Some Ability for Intake

I saw (with plenty of the authors of this blog) Mabou Mines’ Dollhouse on Saturday and it’s making me think. About theatre. DAMN IT! I’m subtly angry about this fact. I don’t really care whether I enjoyed this production or not (and I can’t really decide what my overall experience was) but god damn it […]

Why I’m Grateful I’m Getting The Education I Am

Pig Iron Theatre Company posted this article on their facebook a bit back. I think the article speaks for itself a lot but it brings back a lot of questions for me on the state of the business of theatre. The current general business model of a theatre company isn’t what works most of the […]

Why It’s Bad That A Show Pleased Me

*SPOILER ALERT* to anyone who hasn’t seen Candide at the Huntington yet. My thought process during the first scene of Candide at The Huntington Theatre Company: “Well, it’s another Hunt show.” “I wonder how long it will be till intermission.” “Will I leave at intermission? Well I did last time I saw a show of […]

How Much Are You Worth?

Tickets for Les Misrables at the Kennedy Center:$39.00 to $139.00. Tickets for Book of Mormon on Broadway: $69.00 to $477.00. Tickets for A Bright New Boise at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company: $55.00 to $67.50. Tickets for Porgy and Bess at American Repertory Theatre: $25.00 to $120.00. Tickets to In The Red Brown Water at Company […]

Opening Up Our World

I don’t remember where I first read about the idea of a completely open rehearsal room, but I do remember falling in love with it. It was this magical idea that I could be your everyday guy on the street, walk up to a theatre, and say, “Hey, I’d like to sit in on your […]