The push to the finish line is paved with fake mustaches and alcohol.

I just finished my last day of classes EVER in law school on Thursday (April 22) and celebrated as any respectable 3L should- drinking in the PIP office, getting Nud Pob to-go, and drinking more in the Dug Out.

In preparation for my celebrations, I actually began drinking on Wednesday at a “Literary Death Match” held in the Enormous Room in Central Square. Lured to the event by BU Law Professor Jay Wexler, who was crowned as the Literary Death Champion that night, myself and several other BU students spent an evening of hilarity soaked in alcohol, just as promised.

Actually, I am not being totally honest, in preparation for classes ending I actually began drinking on Monday, after winning a Kindle and getting “air time” on the Ellen Degeneres Show. My friend at Suffolk Law is a tweet-o-holic and follows Ellen, among many other less savory celebs, and got word of a prize giveaway that she was holding at the CVS on Market Street in Brighton, just a few blocks from my apartment. To be a contestant, people had to show up with items that began with the letter C, V and S. My friend and I had a coconut bra, wrote a Verse (that you could also call a song) and wore a Villain costume. We also wore a sombrero, just for good measure. The event lured close to 1,000 people into the cramped parking lot and Jeanie, Ellen’s prize correspondent, sifted through the crowd for people carrying the most creative items to stand up front when she did the live shot from the lot to Ellen.

Our villain costume was chosen but Jeanie said only one of us could stand up front and due to a coconut bra wardrobe malfunction (i.e. the double knots had me trapped), I went up front. As you can see from the video, everyone around me is thoroughly annoyed by my cumbersome and extremely awesome costume. Also notice the cone headed man to my right. He stole that cone from the set crew, who were none to happy, and proceeded to beg Jeanie to “give him a chance” when we were off camera and she was picking the finalists to compete inside the store for the $5,000 CVS gift card grand prize.  As you can imagine, begging was not an effective route, neither was my polite smile and somewhat creepy constant eye contact.

All was not lost though, when the crew was packing up shop and the contest was over, Jeanie gave out ten to fifteen more prizes- Amazon Kindles, iPod Nanos, Nintendo Wiis, One year Netflix subscriptions. She called out random dates and whoever had an ID on them to prove their birthday was closest to the date she yelled, would win the prize. I won a Kindle…. and promptly sold it for Cash Money…. but that is neither here nor there….

So my last week of law school was certainly a memorable one. I feel a bit like Zack Morris when the gang graduated from Bayside and I’m sad to say so-long to the only people in the world who truly understand what these few years were like- but I’m excited to move on and live my life. BUT, before I get too nostalgic, I should start outlining for those exams I still have to take…. almost done. Almost.

Literary Death Match- BU RepresentIMG_3371

Literary Death Match- BU Represent

The Winner’s circle at the Literary Death Match teeters precariously on the line of awesome and awkward.

From left, 3L Jeff Binkley, Professor Jay Wexler, me, 2L Ryan Chapoteau incoming SGA Class Prez.