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Preview of 3L Year

You may have heard the saying about law school. 1L year they scare you to death. 2L year they work you to death. 3L year they bore you to death. I agree with the first two statements, but I am definitely not bored yet and don’t foresee boredom anytime in the near future. Instead, I […]

Reading Between the Bars

My most prized possessions are books. Though my computer is my most expensive possession, followed by my bed and my couch, I wouldn’t think twice about discarding all three items if I had to, say, move across the country or update my laptop for a job. But my books, as inexpensive as they might be […]

Waiting for Superman

Watching the film last Thursday took me back to my first days as a teacher. I was a twenty-two-year-old from Kansas, equipped with little more than a bachelor’s degree, a six-week teaching boot camp, and a naïve desire to save the world. My task: reach and teach five periods a day of high energy, low-performing […]