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My first piece on Social Earth

  Greetings All, I come to you with another dispatch from the world of 3L-dom. I, like many of my friends and colleagues are still figuring out where we fit in, in the law and the world that surrounds it and or is powered by it. I am still attempting to connect all the dots, and […]

Finishing 3L and Senior Week!

Done with law school! For the last two weeks, variations of this message have cropped up on my facebook newsfeed as each of my fellow 3L’s have completed their FINAL final exam or paper. When I turned in my last paper, after two exams, I was hesitant to post such a shameless self-congratulations. But, alas, […]

Imprisoning Innocents: A Case Study

In my Wrongful Convictions course Tuesday night, I met Dennis Maher, a man who spent nineteen years in prison for rapes he did not commit. His story, and that of far too many others I have learned about this semester, reflects the most heinous failures in our criminal justice system. Not one, but a string […]

Tunnel Vision

A journalist recently asked me to respond, as a law student, to the video posted on Huffington Post in which law students tell their sixteen-year-old selves not to go to law school. My first reaction: the video is a funny piece of satire that reminds me of the videos created by BU Law’s own sketch […]

Getting Experience and Income Over Break

Breaks from law school are good for reconnecting with family and friends, restoring sleep and peace of mind, and traveling or vacationing. I did all of these over the current holiday break, including an amazing ski trip to Estes Park with a fellow BU law student and friend. Breaks can also provide an opportunity to […]

BU Law vs. Midwest Schools (shameless plug alert)

Last week I took the Yellow Brick Road (via Delta Airlines) back to Kansas to spend Thanksgiving with my family in Lawrence.  The trip reminded me of my decision three years ago to choose to attend BU rather than a similarly ranked law school in St. Louis. Some of you prospective law students reading this […]

Many Coats of a Law Student

Law students, like lawyers, wear many coats. No week illustrates this chameleon act better than the week leading up to Halloween. Monday, I put on my suit and tie and trek to the courthouse downtown, where I observe a couple of pre-trial proceedings held by the judge I intern for this semester. At 1pm, I […]

Mt. Greylock and Thoreau

When I reached the summit of Mt. Greylock last weekend, during a trip with the Boston University Outing Club, I couldn’t have been happier to find this engraving by Henry David Thoreau. Like HDT, who is probably best known for his retreat to Walden Pond, I periodically find myself drawn—with an almost gravitational force—back to […]

Preview of 3L Year

You may have heard the saying about law school. 1L year they scare you to death. 2L year they work you to death. 3L year they bore you to death. I agree with the first two statements, but I am definitely not bored yet and don’t foresee boredom anytime in the near future. Instead, I […]

Reading Between the Bars

My most prized possessions are books. Though my computer is my most expensive possession, followed by my bed and my couch, I wouldn’t think twice about discarding all three items if I had to, say, move across the country or update my laptop for a job. But my books, as inexpensive as they might be […]