My first piece on Social Earth


Greetings All,

I come to you with another dispatch from the world of 3L-dom.

I, like many of my friends and colleagues are still figuring out where we fit in, in the law and the world that surrounds it and or is powered by it.

I am still attempting to connect all the dots, and will be back shortly with a longer more thorough discussion of what that process has been like and the wonderful conversations it has sparked, along with advice and well wishes I have received from friends and mentors.

Today however I would like to share a link to a piece I wrote on Social Earth that I think is apropos to this discussion.

The piece is titled “Crowd Sourcing Inspiration and Responsibility.”

It explains how I think the process of crowd sourcing in the internet age is applicable to how we live our day to day lives, and how we ensure that we are making an effort to always remain accountable in the way we use our new found power/prestige.



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