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My first piece on Social Earth

  Greetings All, I come to you with another dispatch from the world of 3L-dom. I, like many of my friends and colleagues are still figuring out where we fit in, in the law and the world that surrounds it and or is powered by it. I am still attempting to connect all the dots, and […]

Anti-Social Enterprise

 To all my third year law friends, I apologize for my absence of the last couple of months. My antisocial-ness has been directly attributable to my attempt to build a social enterprise. I understand that the idea that I am not being social so that I can engage in social entrepreneurship sounds pompous at worst […]

Matters of Matriculation

3L has been an interesting, stressful, and strange year thus far. I suppose this is not the vibe that one would expect from a person on their way out of the halls of academia, which oftentimes feel like they are closing in on you. However, as an older student I feel a bit apprehensive about […]

3L Superbowl

Before the Patriots took on the Giants last Sunday, a group of BU Law 3L’s played our own game of pig-skin at a local park. The players represented a good cross-section of the friends and peers I’ve associated with over the last two-plus years. Most of the players had been in my 1L Section, guys […]