3L Superbowl

Before the Patriots took on the Giants last Sunday, a group of BU Law 3L’s played our own game of pig-skin at a local park. The players represented a good cross-section of the friends and peers I’ve associated with over the last two-plus years.

Most of the players had been in my 1L Section, guys with whom I endured the stressful first year of Torts, Civil Procedure, etc. But there were also a couple of guys from different sections with whom I have become good friends over the last year because we live nearby and attend law school social events together.

Perhaps because I was the oldest player (28), I was the last person picked for teams—invoking more than a few childhood playground memories—but I did surprisingly well. I made three touchdowns and snagged a couple of intersections. What made one of the touchdowns all the more glorious was the fact that I scored on one of my good friends Kevin who was covering me. Nonetheless, Kevin, a Brooklyn native and huge Giants fan, got his revenge later that night when, after a bout of trash-talking between us, his team won the Superbowl.


The pick-up game was a blast, and not just because I restored my aging self-esteem by showing that I could still hold my own on the field. In general, exercise—whether I’m working out at the FitRec or playing soccer with other BU law peers—greatly boosts my mood. But exercising outside on a cool Sunday afternoon is even better. I especially enjoy the comradery of playing team sports with the same people with whom I have endured the highs and lows of almost three years of law school.

I feel the same way about my law school tenure as I did about that game. More than a little sore—and in places I didn’t even know could get sore—but ultimately feeling accomplished, proud of myself, and invigorated for the next challenge.

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