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When I imagined what the end of law school would be like, I always skipped graduation and went straight to visions of me sitting on a beach chair in the sun doing & thinking absolutely nothing. I avoided thinking about the grueling two thirds of the post-graduation summer that will be spent studying for the bar and the remaining month of summer that will be spent packing for my pending move to Utah with my boyfriend and figuring out what to do next in the face of ongoing unemployment.

But, law school has been over for about three weeks now and I haven’t really had much time to sit blankly staring.

Graduation on May 16 was marked by much pomp and circumstance, Harry Potter-style robes and a diploma folder the size of a small child that contains my law degree. I spent the night before graduation in restless anticipation and I hurried around that morning in somewhat of a daze, left the house much earlier than necessary, and forgot my cap & tassel in my closet. In true law student fashion, I proceeded to freak out and literally run around the Agganis Arena looking for a spare cap & tassel- which I did find. I also spent the week beforehand baking a three layer lemon pistachio crunch cake in honor of myself and cleaning my apartment head to toe in honor of my family’s discerning eye and laundry list of allergies. I am realizing that post-law school Adrienne seems to have an insatiable appetite to be frantically busy- which really puts a damper on my plans to spend a lot of time staring into space this summer.

Another unanticipated fact of life after graduation- working out every day for two weeks is simply not enough to negate three years of sitting on my throw-pillow ass reading case law. And now, bar reviewing starts in a week, further foiling my dreams of inactivity. Looks like I’ll have another busy summer of relearning 1L year and running around from Zumba to Yoga to rock climbing. At least the end is near, in fact, the bar exam begins in two months from today.  And maybe then, I’ll get to plop my less-throw-pillow-like ass in a chair and contemplate my navel.

BU Law Graduation 2010- Humongous diploma

BU Law Graduation 2010- Humongous diploma

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Hugh Baxter posted on June 11, 2010 at 12:28 pm

Congratulations, Adrienne! I’ve been impressed by all you’ve done here — in my Con Law class back in spring ’08, and in all your great public service work. I know you’ll do great things in the future. Keep me posted on what happens with you, and enjoy the great outdoors in Utah!