BU Law – past, present & future

Today, I had the chance to sit down with a BU Law graduate and a prospective BU Law student.  Avni, a friend from Northwestern, graduated from BU Law in 2010 and works as an ADA in the Bronx.  She asked me to meet with her friend, Shannon, who had recently been admitted to BU Law and was considering a career in public interest law.  The three of us sat down for coffee in the East Village to discuss law school and the legal profession.

But first — Avni had to know the most pressing question of all, “Did you go on ski trip?!”  I told her that I did, and she expressed sincere envy.  Avni explained to me that she really misses Boston (running on the Charles, living in Brookline, walking on Newbury), and she even misses law school.  She said she maintains a good relationship with her classmates, many of whom practice in New York City, and she was nostalgic upon hearing about my 1L experience.  She even misses the study rooms in the library basement!

I was really excited to hear from Avni about her job.  She absolutely loves working in the District Attorney’s office, and she considers herself genuinely blessed.  “I love going to work everyday — I look forward to it,”  she told me.  Avni is 1 of 450 attorneys at the DA’s office, and she has a caseload of about 150!  She is on her feet all day and thrives on the busy-nature of the work.

It was equally as fun to talk to Shannon, who was recently admitted to BU.  Shannon has worked on political campaigns, and in the non-profit field in New York City.  From what I gathered, BU would be very lucky to have her.  She is interested in a career in reproductive rights, and was excited about BU’s strength in areas of public health and public interest law.

The meeting was informative and allowed me to reflect on my law school experience thus far.  A lot has happened in the last seven months, but there is also a ton ahead of me.  I am looking forward to in-practice experiences (summer internships, clinical programs, or maybe semester in-practice), and new in-class experiences (a variety of professors and topics).

To boot, the meeting gave me a second wind while wrapping up my work for the weekend.  For one thing, I am always happy to meet a lawyer who really loves what she is doing.  Moreover, I am also elated to know that BU Law has a new incoming class – because this means I won’t be a 1L for much longer!  The light at the end of the tunnel shines extra bright today.