Law Prom

When I first started law school, the similarities between law school and high school became apparent quite fast. We all have lockers, each year’s class is roughly 300 people (the size of a high school class), we all take the same classes and have the same class schedules (at least with 90 or so people), there is tons of gossip, we have assigned seats in our class rooms…and we have Law Prom.

I think the event’s official name is Barrister’s Ball, but nobody calls it that. Each year Law Prom has a different theme and this year’s theme is “Moonlight Masquerade.” Everyone is supposed to wear a mask and the Student Government Association will have a prize for best masks. I have an idea for a mask that borders on the ridiculous. There is even supposed to be a make-your-own cupcake bar. Last year’s theme was “Casino Royale.” Nothing too exciting there: everyone wore what you would expect them to wear for a regular formal. The theme during my 1L year was “Kentucky Derby.” That was a lot of fun. Girls wore large ridiculous hats and guys had top hats, fedoras, canes, monocles, cigars and everyone wore loud and bright colors.

I don’t know why it’s called Law Prom. It’s really just a formal. Nobody goes out and buys a prom dress, there are no corsages (at least I haven’t seen any) and no awkward slow-dances (so far). Every law school has a formal like this… I don’t know if they all refer to it as law prom or something else. I think medical schools have something similar, but I’m not sure. Either way, even though it’s just a regular formal event, the title of Law Prom is fitting because it is another reminder about how law school is like high school.