Signing Off

After spending three years of law school and seven years at BU (over a quarter of my life!), I’m happy to say that it has all finally come to an end. This past week I took the New York and Massachusetts bar exams. My classmates and I spent the entire summer after graduation studying for the bar. It wasn’t fun and it wasn’t pleasant, but it’s something that you’ve got to do.

When I look back on this summer, I think I’ll realize that I will never have known as much “stuff” as I have learned this summer. It’s kind of hard to describe the feeling after having taken the bar exam. I think I’m definitely in a bit of a daze and it hasn’t really hit me yet. It has been fantastic to just sit around and have nothing to do. After two months I can finally not worry about what I have to do later.

I’m excited to finally be a real person again and not worry about studying, homework and exams. Law school has been tough, but it has been a worthwhile experience as I feel that I’ve been challenged and (even though it sounds cliche) I’ve really grown as a person and expanded my thinking and capabilities. I’ve enjoyed writing this blog and I hope that my blog posts have been able to provide some insight into law school life and BU.

After three years of non-stop action and being busy, I think it’s time to sit down and do nothing for a few days. Goodbye and best wishes for the future!