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Enormous Red Folders

When I imagined what the end of law school would be like, I always skipped graduation and went straight to visions of me sitting on a beach chair in the sun doing & thinking absolutely nothing. I avoided thinking about the grueling two thirds of the post-graduation summer that will be spent studying for the […]

The push to the finish line is paved with fake mustaches and alcohol.

I just finished my last day of classes EVER in law school on Thursday (April 22) and celebrated as any respectable 3L should- drinking in the PIP office, getting Nud Pob to-go, and drinking more in the Dug Out. In preparation for my celebrations, I actually began drinking on Wednesday at a “Literary Death Match” […]

Public Interest Project- FAQs

I attended an admitted students question and answer session last week and I figured, given my role in the Public Interest Project (PIP), I’d answer some of the FAQs posed by students. What is PIP? PIP is an entirely student run organization aimed primarily at fostering a community of students interested in pursuing public interest […]

Attorneys Gone Wild- Cajun Country

The Innocence Project in New Orleans (IPNO) works to free innocent people who have been wrongfully sentenced to life or multiple decades in prison. They take cases of the “factually innocent,”  which means, people who can be exonerated given new strides in DNA technology or the surfacing of other new evidence. What they often find, […]

Pack Your Sense of Adventure

The Robert Cover Public Interest Law retreat is held annually in Hancock, NH in gorgeous Camp Sargent owned by BU and operated by Nature’s Classroom. Set deep in the woods, the event offers unique networking opportunities snowshoeing and tubing alongside legal professionals, professors and 60+ law students from all over the country. I went this […]

The Snowmageddon is not what it used to be

Back when I was your age (or not because I assume most readers are older than 13 and that’s the age I’m about to conjure a story from) we had blizzards in Massachusetts and school cancellation came hesitantly, only after an actual significant showing of snow.*  This is New England after all, we have our […]

Five Finger Philosophy to Course Selection

I don’t remember if I am always as indecisive as I get when it comes to registering for classes. No matter how much effort I put into organizing my schedule during the pre-registration period for each semester, I still end up attending 20 or 30 extra classes to see if I, in fact, made the […]

Dear Switzerland,

I glanced out of the window behind the cashier at CVS in Brighton Center today and thought the passing storm clouds were snowcapped mountain tops. I never used to mistake the clouds in Brighton for mountains and the fact that I did, even for a split second, makes me giddy as hell. So I’m nostalgic, […]

A story from the Holy Land, revisited.

Ask anyone that knows me and they will confirm that I have been quite whiny the last few weeks here in Geneva. I recently finished a legal research paper worth my entire grade for my peacekeeping and human rights class here. Writing it forced me to wade through a personal, political, and legal mire. The […]

Endless winds, a giant mountain, and a ride in the bat mobile.

The calendar declared it was Autumn and Switzerland, ever efficient and agreeable, complied. The winds of Geneva roared in drying the ink on the calendar crossing out the last day of summer. Well maybe that’s a bit more poetic than what really happened, but seemingly with the flick of a switch, snap of the fingers, […]