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Careers and campaigns, Part 1

Toward the end of the first class of Legal Ethics with Professor Knight, we each had to finish this sentence for ourselves: I expect to be satisfied professionally, in my work as an attorney, when… “I hope I’m not satisfied too easily, because feeling unsatisfied keeps me motivated. (I know, that doesn’t complete the sentence […]

Law degree we never knew we always wanted

Last semester, Professor Bridges published Reproducing Race: An Ethnography of Pregnancy as a Site of Racialization. In a visit to her office hours, I learned from her that the book examines racism as a systemic production of predetermined life choices, and her analysis is at the institutional level, yet discrete acts of resistance are also […]

Letter to brand new BU Law 1Ls

If you’ve been accepted to BU Law, take it as a vote of confidence that you are a good fit for what BU Law has to offer. There is no question as to whether you have what it takes to build an effective career with the legal training you are about receive. Whatever happens, I’m […]

Hyper-empowerment, Part 2

In a post at the beginning of this academic year, I wrote about hyper-empowerment and the law. In my pre-law life, the mythology of being a lawyer was that, for those folks, the world is their oyster (if for no other reason because they have earning power, but more substantively because they have access to […]

Developmental windows

I’m in the short post-spring break surge to the end of my 2L year, at which point I will be two-thirds done with my law student experience. At the same time, my son is 3-and-something years old and about two-thirds done with his first-five-years-of-life experience. Just like law school is a unique window of immersion […]


Our tax law professor warned us that he didn’t ace handwriting back in grade school, so we should interrupt him when he writes something on the board that we can’t understand. Sure enough, his name and photo do not appear in the Master Penman Society roll call of champions. As it turns out, though, he […]

Meghan Murphy

I’m writing from the Seattle-Tacoma airport after a 3-day conference where I gave a short talk entitled “Getting Hurt Is Not As Bad As Not Getting What We Got Hurt Going After.” The title was long enough to fill up most of my allotted 20 minutes just by saying the title. The past few days […]

Reward for hard work

Today BU had a delayed opening due to snow. It cleared the morning for family time, which was unexpected and nice (although I’m finding I actually like the topic of my class which didn’t meet today, Federal Tax—I’ll say more in a future post, but it’s a good thing I like tax law since I’ll […]

Desktop inspiration for writing papers

I close each semester with an update on my desktop images, which I strategically choose to power me through what I have to do. You know, images are worth a thousand words and all that jazz. Actually this semester I mostly ran with an image of words, so I’m not sure what it means for […]

Two levels of inclusion and a quiet interest in law for the people, Part 3

In Corporations with Professor Marks, we followed the interesting story of a corporate lawyer who helped a stable Manhattan residential drug rehabilitation program acquire a similar but mismanaged program in the Bronx. The Manhattan program was in good hands with its pro bono merger and acquisitions specialist lawyer, who knew exactly how to resolve the […]