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I Like Tax Class?

Deciding whether or not to take tax class is a big problem for law students. We came to law school because we wanted to avoid math. We do not like numbers because they scare us. But everyone tells us to take tax (to be more specific, Federal Income Taxation) because it’s useful. Tax class will […]

Spring 2010: Back for More Law School

The Spring 2010 semester is just one week old and I am already dead tired. Luckily it’s not because of school work but because I just got back from skiing this weekend. Every year the law school organizes a weekend ski trip for students over Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend to Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine. […]

Warm Holidays

I’m writing this post as I am enjoying the 85 degree weather in India, far away from the massive snowstorms that seem to be all over the United States. My exams finished early and I got an extra week’s worth of vacation compared to my classmates. It was funny to read all the Facebook statuses […]

Halfway There….Oh, Wait, Exams

I realized the other day that my law school career is halfway over. Three semesters down, three more to go. Too bad I still have exams before things are finally over. I enjoy exam time because I don’t have to go to class, but I don’t like exam time because it means I will have […]

SALSA Diwali/Eid Celebration

Every year the BU SALSA (South Asian Law Student Association) holds its annual Diwali/Eid Celebration. It could be the most anticipated event at the law school simply because it involves free Indian food. The term South Asian (not to be confused with Southeast Asian) refers to people from the Indian subcontinent: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, […]

Halloween: Bright Yellow Adult Onesie

Halloween came and went and was a blast. As you can see, I dressed up as Wolverine from X-Men (I feel sorry for you if you don’t know who this is). The costume was a bright yellow adult onesie with a face mask…and claws (plastic of course). I saw the costume online and had to […]

Fantasy Football Adventures

Sunday is the day when I usually try to get the bulk of my homework done for the weekend, but playing in a fantasy football league has made life much more difficult for me. I didn’t do it 1L year because I thought it would be a bad idea.  As it is, watching football on […]

Back from Columbus Day Weekend

I had Corporations class at 8:30 this morning and realized how fast the four-day weekend had gone despite me not having class on Friday (typical 2L schedule) and Monday (Columbus Day). I went to Provincetown, which is at the very tip of Cape Cod, for the weekend. It was great to escape Boston and school […]