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Shedding what I am becoming to become what I was but better

The journey through law school has been an interesting one for me (and I would dare say many of my friends). I came in here as an artist who used art to inform his community activism and then used his community activism to inform his desire to go to law school. As I journeyed through […]

Getting Experience and Income Over Break

Breaks from law school are good for reconnecting with family and friends, restoring sleep and peace of mind, and traveling or vacationing. I did all of these over the current holiday break, including an amazing ski trip to Estes Park with a fellow BU law student and friend. Breaks can also provide an opportunity to […]

Brain Storm

The last week has been insane! Last Friday I had to represent a client at an employment hearing in the morning, I had two telephone interviews for summer positions in the afternoon and I had to meet with my “Hard Work and Dedication” study group for evidence.. In fact, one of my telephone interviews took […]

Occupy Law Tower

• A, on Monday: A massive crowd that won’t budge. It must be Occupy Law Tower, the grassroots study movement that spontaneously erupted at the start of the exam period. B: No no, we’re only here in the lobby because we’re waiting for the elevator. You want to take the stairs to the first floor […]

Access to wealth in a complex economy, Part 2: Revitalization

Steven Torres, Corporate Counsel of the City of Fall River, visited our Affordable Housing and Community Development class with Professor Freeman to guest lecture about urban redevelopment. He mentioned a recent eminent domain case involving the picturesque, waterfront property of Sam Shapiro’s United Textile Machinery Corp., a third generation small business of 10 employees. Relocation […]

BU Law vs. Midwest Schools (shameless plug alert)

Last week I took the Yellow Brick Road (via Delta Airlines) back to Kansas to spend Thanksgiving with my family in Lawrence.  The trip reminded me of my decision three years ago to choose to attend BU rather than a similarly ranked law school in St. Louis. Some of you prospective law students reading this […]

Access to wealth in a complex economy, Part 1: NMTC

In Real Estate Finance and Tax with Professor Nessen, someone asked if government subsidization of redevelopment increases the cost to the developer. We were discussing New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC), where the IRS awards tax credits to a community bank, which in turns sells them to investors to raise capital for redevelopment that has a […]

Speedy Justice/Trial by Fire

Today I walked into a court room representing a client in need. A client I had only met a week ago whose situation required me to be prepared as if I had met her six months ago. At stake was the safety of her children. To put it mildly, having such little time to prepare […]

6 Degrees of Litigation

As a law student who was a community activist prior to law school, I came into law school thinking that litigation was the way solve problems. Through my work in Las Vegas I was able to observe how filings and threats of litigation could shift the power paradigm and allow small community based organizations like […]

Many Coats of a Law Student

Law students, like lawyers, wear many coats. No week illustrates this chameleon act better than the week leading up to Halloween. Monday, I put on my suit and tie and trek to the courthouse downtown, where I observe a couple of pre-trial proceedings held by the judge I intern for this semester. At 1pm, I […]