Newsletter: Fall 2014

Fall workshop to focus on sports journalism

Providing excellent sports coverage represents one of the biggest challenges in the scholastic press.

Also, careers in sports journalism are often among staff members’ long-range goals.

Focusing on these two aspects of sports journalism, this year’s fall workshop will be Friday morning, Oct. 24 from 10-noon at Boston University’s College of Communication.

Beginning with the whys and hows of scholastic sports news, features and opinion, the workshop will aim to help staffs and advisers meet challenges that include staying timely, balancing coverage and providing a rich mix in a range of media.

Next, panelists including members of the Boston Globe sports department will share their experiences and give advice about preparing for and succeeding in careers.

Tuition is $25 per person.

The deadline for enrollment is Friday, Oct. 3.

How to sign up

On a sheet of paper or using the application in the pdf of Volume 20, No. 1 of NESPA News, include the name of your publication/program, your adviser’s name and email, your adviser’s signature, your school name, school phone and school address.

Send this information along with $25 tuition fee per person, payable to NESPA, to Helen F. Smith, NESPA executive director, Boston University, College of Communication, 640 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 02215 by Friday, Oct. 3.

Special contest on localizing

When you show how issues that affect people in your state, your country or around the world also affect people in your own school community, that’s localizing.

Please note that there is a change in timing this year to encourage entries from this past spring through the fall and early winter.

Entries must have been published or broadcast between May 3 and December 31, 2014.

Submissions can be artwork, blogs, charts, columns, diagrams, documentaries, editorials, essays, fiction, news or feature stories, podcasts, single photos or photo illustrations, photo essays, poetry, podcasts, PSAs, special pages, special sections, slide shows or spreads.

For print media please send complete page, unmounted tear sheet on which entry appears.

Tape a filled out copy of the entry form in the print pdf of Volume 20, No. 1 to the upper right corner of the back of EACH entry.

Broadcasts please send DVD.

Put the web link to each online entry on the entry form.

Entry fee: NONE for NESPA members; $3 per entry for non-members.

Send entries to New England Scholastic Press Association, Helen F. Smith, executive director, Boston University, College of Communication, 640 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 02215.

Deadline for receipt of entries is Friday, Jan. 9, 2015.

Winners will be notified by April 1 and results will be announced at the annual spring conference.

In addition, the winners are announced in the summer issue of NESPA News.

Scheduling site visits

Site visits present opportunities to address particular areas of interest.

After school or during a class period, site visits are a service this organization provides to members at no charge.

Advisers and staffs can ask questions, discuss concerns and get suggestions on topics of special interest to improve their publications and production work.

Topics of recent site visits have included

    advertising sales and managing the business side
  • critiques of current publications
  • design and redesign techniques
  • techniques to monitor copy flow more efficiently
  • news and feature coverage and writing
  • curriculum planning
  • copyediting and proofreading.

How to arrange a visit

To arrange for a site visit, please contact Helen F. Smith, NESPA’s executive director, at 617-353-3478, or or write Helen F. Smith, executive director, New England Scholastic Press Association, Boston University, College of Communication, 640 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 02215. Site visits are free to members in good standing as of May 2, 2014 and to those who join this fall.

NESPA dates to note

Friday, Oct. 3: Registration deadline for workshop on sports journalism.

Friday, Oct. 23: Workshop on sports journalism from 10-noon at College of Communication, Boston University.

Friday, Jan. 9: Special Contest on Localizing entries are due.

Friday, April 3: Annual publication and production contest deadline. Details in the next newsletter.

Friday, May 1: New England Scholastic Press Association’s 67th annual conference at Boston University

Friday, June 6: Registration deadline for teachers’ workshop on How to Advise a Scholastic News Publication.

June 29-July 3: How to Advise a Scholastic News Publication.

For details and procedures on membership, workshop registration, professional award nominations and contest entry forms, please download the PDF.