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Stylebook for the Scholastic Press

Dear Principal, Adviser and Editors,

Student journalists, like professional journalists, need guidelines so as to use up-to-date journalistic style as they write and edit for publication in print and on the Web.

This stylebook offers pointers on spelling, policy, punctuation and grammar that wire service manuals also address.What sets this Stylebook for the Scholastic Press apart is that it is specialized and compact. It provides guidelines that can help students avoid making troublesome errors.

Along with such matters as pronoun reference and sentence structure, this stylebook covers points of usage, practice and procedure student journalists most frequently encounter in writing about their school communities.

  • What is the plural of curriculum?
  • Is it freshman or freshmen?
  • What is the best way to identify a school athlete on first reference?
  • How should the publication refer to teachers—Miss, Ms., Mr., Mrs.? By last name only on second reference?
  • How can the staff adapt print copy for publication in digital media and vice versa?

The stylebook is in chapter form with an index at the end. It is designed to be functional. After staff members have finished their work, they should be proud to publish it.

To order a copy of the stylebook, please download the order form.