Workshop on Staff Motivation and Evaluation

Staff motivation and evaluation present daily challenges in the scholastic press.

This workshop will run from 2 until 4 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 14 at Boston
University’s College of Communication. It is open to editors-in-chief and advisers.

Topics to Explore:

Topics will include making assignments, setting and meeting deadlines, monitoring and improving quality, and encouraging excellence so that everyone
can take pride in the process and the product.

After an introduction about the challenges of staff motivation, members of the workshop will have the opportunity to raise concerns about staff motivation and evaluation in any and all phases of scholastic press operations and to discuss practical solutions. There will also be materials available that suggest effective procedures.

How to Sign Up:

On a sheet of paper or using the form in the print version of Volume 15, No. 1 of NESPA News, include your name, name of publication or production, your position on the publication or production, school name, school phone, school address, email and your home phone.

Send this information along with $25 tuition per participant to Helen F. Smith, NESPA executive director, Boston University, College of Communication, 640 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 02215 by Friday, Oct. 23.

Please mark the dates

Annual publication and production contest deadline is April 1. This year’s annual conference is April 30.