Newsletter Fall 2018

Fall workshop to focus on staff motivation, organization in era of technological change

As scholastic journalism undergoes sweeping changes in technology, staff motivation and organization pose challenges.

This year’s fall workshop Friday morning, Nov. 2, will explore the new and continuing challenges of supporting staffs in their efforts and helping them to achieve success, deadline by deadline.

All advisers and staffs have special experiences and concerns day by day and over the long term.

Opportunities to share ideas

This workshop will provide opportunities to raise questions and share ideas, approaches and accomplishments while encouraging high standards so that staff members care about what they do.

After an introduction, staffs and advisers will have an opportunity to reflect and then to share concerns and pose questions to those assembled, including speakers and panelists.

Panelists from a variety of scholastic media

Panelists will include advisers and editors from award winning scholastic publications and broadcasts in New England.

They will represent a variety of scholastic media including broadcast, magazine, multimedia, online, print and yearbooks. These panelists will also represent a variety of school cultures.

They will discuss the structures of their staffs and the methods and schedules they are using, trying out and hoping to devise.

In addition, they will talk about specific challenges of covering their schools and communities and the basic principles and practices they keep in mind.

Panelists will also explore what may change in the future as their technological systems continue to change.

They will also describe the basic principles they try to keep in mind as they seek excellence in journalism.

Staffs and advisers from all student media are welcome to attend the workshop, raise questions and participate in the discussions.

Tuition is $25 per person.

The deadline for registration is Friday, Oct. 26.

How to enter 2018 Localizing Contest

When you show how issues that affect people in your state, your country or around the world also affect people in your own school community, that’s localizing.

To enter the 2018 Localizing Contest, please send the broadcast or published work with the entry form and fee. Entries must have been published or broadcast between May 5 and December 31, 2018.

Submissions can be artwork, blogs, charts, columns, diagrams, documentaries, editorials, essays, fiction, news or feature stories, podcasts, single photos or photo illustrations, photo essays, poetry, PSAs, special pages, special sections, slide shows or spreads.

For print media please send complete page, unmounted tear sheet on which entry appears.

Yearbooks please send either a PDF or photo copy of the pages from your 2018 book.

Tape a filled out copy of the entry form in the print PDF of Vol. 24, No. 1 to the upper right corner of the back of EACH entry.

Broadcasts please send DVD.

Put the web link to each online entry on the entry form.

Entry fee: NONE for NESPA members; $3 per entry for non-members.
Send entries to New England Scholastic Press Association, Helen F. Smith, executive director, Boston University, College of Communication, 640 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215
Deadline for receipt of entries is Friday, Jan. 11, 2019.

Winners will be notified by April 1, and results will be announced at the annual spring conference.

In addition, the winners are announced in the summer issue of NESPA News.
For an updated list of 200 topics to localize, please see NESPA News, Fall, 2018 on this site.

Scheduling visits to your school

Visits present opportunities to address particular areas of interest.
After school or during a class period, these visits are a service this organization provides to members at no charge.

Advisers and staffs can ask questions, discuss concerns and get suggestions on topics of special interest to improve their publications and productions.

Topics of recent visits have included

  • advertising sales and managing the business side
  • critiques of current publications
  • news and feature writing
  • sports coverage and writing
  • copyediting and proofreading
  • starting a new publication
  • staff organization.

To arrange for a visit, please contact Helen F. smith, NESPA’s executive director, at 617-353-3478, or
Visits are free to members in good standing as of May 5, 2018 and to those who join this fall.

NESPA dates to note

Friday, Oct. 26: Registration deadline for workshop on staff motivation and organization in an era of technological change.

Friday, Nov. 2: Workshop on staff motivation and organization in an era of technological change.

Friday, Jan 11: Localizing contest entries are due. Nominations for Robert Baram Award and other individual honors are also due.

Friday, April 12: Annual publication and production contest deadline.
Details in the next newsletter.

Friday, May 3: New England Scholastic Press Association’s 71st annual conference at Boston University.

June 24-June 25: Workshop on How to Advise a Scholastic News Publication.

For details and procedures on membership, registration, professional
award nominations and contest entry forms, please download the NESPA News Fall, 2018 print edition on this site.