Daily Archives: October 12, 2012

Flying Phalanger

The Feathertail Glider, the smallest of all gliders, has a variety of names, including the Pygmy Gliding Possum, the Flying Phalanger, and the Flying Mouse. Ranging in size from 6.5cm-8cm, these tiny mammals can easily fit in your hand.

Microraptor: A Link Between Birds and Dinosaurs?

Humans have always looked at birds awed at the grace and ease with which the soar through the air. We strived to achieve the power of flight for thousands of years and only mastered the ability in the last century with the help of propellor and jet turbine powered flight. But what has puzzled scientists […]

Because Hopping Around Is So Last Season!

Wallace’s frog, The Abah River Flying Frog, The Parachute frog: a frog so unique yet with so many names. Regardless, this daring amphibian lives by swimming, jumping, hopping, and hunting insects the way all others frogs do and still took flight to add to its arsenal of skills! These creatures can be seen to have a […]