Daily Archives: October 14, 2012

Synchronized Flight – The Starling

The Starling is a common passerine bird that can be found in temperate reigons throughout North America and Europe. It is a black songbird that has shiny green and purple feathers over its entire body. This bird has an average weight of about 78 grams and has a wingspan of about 35 cm. Also, the […]

Robotic Flies

While humans have been trying to build larger and larger flying machines that can carry more and more people and cargo, even more challenging has been the task of creating very small machines that can be controlled remotely and can fly in tight spaces. In the past few years, Robert Wood and his team at […]

Finding the Right Tailwind

After watching the above video, you may be astounded by the way the gecko lands on it feet much like a cat does. Many animals have self-correcting mechanisms for falls, but most work differently and it takes research to figure out the different ways for different species. Cats do it by twisting their body to […]

The Common Swift – Anything but Ordinary

The common swift is a medium-sized bird that, superficially, appears to be somewhat similar to other birds such as House Martins or Barn Swallows. The swift, however, is much more remarkable. The common swift spends almost its entire life in the air, essentially never touching the ground once it learns to fly.